Frequently Asked Questions

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 1.   Do you use cookies on this website?
 2.   What kind of information do you collect?
 3.   Do I need to provide personal information in order to use this website?
 4.   How will you safeguard my personal information?
 5.   Under what circumstances will you share my information?
 6.   Do I have access to my personal information?
 7.   What choices do I have in how you use my information?

1.   Do you use cookies on this website?

No, we currently do not use cookies on this website.

2.   What kind of information do you collect?

Non-Personal Information

Our web server automatically collects non-personal information about how users navigate through our website. This statistical information is in aggregate form and does not include individual names or personal data, so it does not identify you or any other visitor to the site. We gather this statistical information in order to update and improve our site so that we can provide a quality experience to each of our visitors. This information, often referred to as "clickstream data," assists in tracking general online traffic and usage, administering the site, analyzing trends, and monitoring site performance.

Personal Information That You Provide

Personal information is anything that can be used to identify you as an individual. The types of personal information that we collect include your name, street and/or mailing address, telephone numbers, and email addresses. In addition, we also collect and may retain records of information that is connected with the above-mentioned forms of personal information. These additional records may include the content of any messages sent online to Customer Service, order transactions and history, customer buying preferences, and credit card information. Your personal information is collected when you place an order, use any of the webforms on this website, or contact Customer Service.

3.   Do I need to provide personal information in order to use this website?

Our website is intended primarily as a source of information for our visitors and as a means of offering better customer service. Therefore, you may visit any of our web pages without telling us who you are or revealing any personal information about yourself. The only personally identifiable information that we collect is that which you knowingly and voluntarily supply us through our webforms or via email contact.

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4.   How will you safeguard my personal information?

The security of your personal information is important to us, and we take precautions to prevent unauthorized access to that information. All of the personal information that we collect online resides on a secure server behind a firewall, which is intended to prevent external access to our database. In addition, the secure server is designed to be accessible only to authorized computers within our business.

While we do take the necessary precautions to protect the information which we maintain in our databases, we cannot guarantee that communications—either from you to us or us to you—will be free from unwarranted interference by third parties. Due to the inherently open nature of the internet, there are always risks when information is transmitted electronically. If you feel that the information you wish to communicate is sensitive or confidential, you can always call or write to us.

5.   Under what circumstances will you share my information?

Customarily, we share your personal information with companies affiliated with Gavilan's for customer service or marketing purposes. We will at times share your name and address with non-affiliated companies whose products and services may be of interest to you, but we will not share your email address without your prior consent. Your telephone number is used for order service and customer service concerns and will not be shared with non-affiliated companies. Likewise, your credit card information is used for order processing and customer support and will not be shared with non-affiliated companies. However, please note that we will share some information with financial institutions for the purposes of credit card processing or merchant account activity. In addition, we may make non-personal information available in aggregate form either to Gavilan's affiliates or to other non-affiliated companies.

We also advise you to be aware that we may disclose personally identifiable information if required to do so by law, regulation, rule, order, governmental request, or in the good-faith belief that disclosure is otherwise advisable. We will fully cooperate with law enforcement and other governmental agencies to identify those individuals who participate in fraudulent or illegal activities.

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6.   Do I have access to my personal information?

If you would like to make any changes to the name or address that is on our mailing list, you can contact Customer Service with your request by one of the following methods:

Phone:   1-800-777-0327
Fax: 1-951-940-1388
Mail: Gavilan's
  Gavilan Hills, CA  92599

Please note that static records such as paper files, electronic transaction files, and other records not designed to be updated cannot be changed.

7.  What choices do I have in how you use my information?

Mailing Preferences

When you request a catalog or place an order, your name and address is added to our mailing list. You can request to be removed from our mailing list at any time. No reason is required, but we would appreciate one. To stop receiving mailings, send your written request with your name and address exactly as it appears on your catalog to the address below. We will make every effort to implement any choice you make as soon as possible, but please note that it can take 6-8 weeks for any mailing changes to be completely effective. If you continue to receive mailings after requesting that we remove you from our list, it may be due to a slight variation in the address we processed. Just send in your request with the version on the mailing you received, and we will process accordingly.

Gavilan Hills, CA  92599

We often make customer names and addresses from our mailing list available to firms whose products and services may be of interest to you. If you would prefer not to receive these mailings, just let us know. You can always send us a written request that we not share your name and address with any other companies.

Call Preferences

Within Make Life Easier and its affiliates, we may use your phone number to contact you regarding your order or to resolve customer service issues. However, if you would prefer that we never call you for any reason, you can request that we add your number to our "do not call" list. This request can be submitted in any of the following ways:

  • Call Customer Service at 1-800-777-0327.
  • When placing an order by phone, inform the Telephone Order Representative of your desire to be added to our "do not call" list.
  • Any time outside our normal business hours, leave a voice mail message on our Order line.
  • Send your request to Gavilan's, Gavilan Hills, CA 92599
  • Email Customer Service at or by clicking here.

For every request, we need to know your name and the telephone number that is to be added, altered, or deleted from the list in order for us to be able to implement the change.

Once the list is updated with your number, our phone system will be prevented from making any outgoing calls to that number. However, because your number is essentially blocked, we will not have the ability to make one-time exceptions while keeping you on the "do not call" list. If you would like us to call you for any reason, you will need to submit a request to be removed from our "do not call" list. This can be done in the same manner described above.

Email Preferences

We may send you promotional emails from Gavilan's and its affiliates unless you specify that you do not want to receive such emails. You may always opt-out of receiving these emails by doing any of the following:

  • Every promotional email you receive will have instructions on how to stop receiving promotional emails from us.
  • Contact Customer Service and inform us of your wish to stop receiving promotional emails.

We do reserve the right to use an email address that you provide as a means of contacting you in reference to any customer service issues regarding Gavilan's and its affiliated companies—even if you opt-out of receiving other email communication from us.

We will not make your email address available to companies other than Gavilan's and its affiliates without prior authorization from you.